Pathogens and Humans Have Evolved Together over Eons

By Kate Birch, RSHomA(NA), CCH, HP Supervisor in MNbacteria

Pathogens have come and gone in epidemics and scourges based on varying collective susceptibilities. These pathogens have shaped cultures, religious behaviors and rituals throughout history. It is through the immunological processes activated and behavioral modifications we learn that transforms ourselves and society and reduces disease incidence.

Pathogens have acted as checks and balances in the human population based upon human frailties and errors of living and their action be pressure release systems for situations and environments not conducive to sustaining human life, either for the individual or the larger population. Infectious disease agents remain ever present in our lives to keep us living in balance with ourselves and relationship to nature. As we evolve so do these infectious agents. When humanity is stuck at a specific evolutionary limitation, an infectious disease comes along and catalyzes a new survival mechanism.

Humans have been given the gift of free will to live in accordance with nature or not: to live in accordance to our soul’s true nature, the wisdom of our DNA, our bodies, and that of the environment. As spiritual and intelligent life forms, nature has designed for us a system which facilitates our own evolution with regards to how we treat ourselves, those around us and the world that provides us shelter and nourishment.  Coded within the human DNA are the directives of the immune system to recognize and develop appropriate immune system responses to these natural occurring pathogens.

The acute disease process (fever) is a short-lived manifestation of the struggle between the ego and the forces of heredity or reality. Epidemics arise when a group of individuals are struggling through the same evolutionary process. Without the outlet of acute disease processes, a byproduct of international vaccine campaigns, the survival strategies these infectious diseases are meant to impart are thwarted. The cost of not experiencing these infectious diseases is postponed to the offspring of the future. Multi-generational global use of vaccines and antimicrobials have compounded complex disease and disarmed the autoregulatory ability of human’s immune systems. We no longer have acute infectious contagious disease, but entire populations burdened with chronic disease.

Sexually transmitted diseases are there to establish healthy relationships between the male and female parts of ourselves and those we relate to intimately. Childhood infectious diseases are intended to facilitate development of aspects of the child’s psyche and neurological development necessary for individuation and survival. Food-borne diseases, or those of which the contamination route is fecal-oral, are here to inform us on how we should protect our food and water sources and clean up our sewer systems.

Neither the use of antibiotics or vaccines have improved the necessary immunological processes of the individual. They have not solved the problem of susceptibility to infectious disease, nor do they give credence to the need for the disease process for our own evolution.

Use of the HPV vaccine to curb the development of genital warts does not address an individual’s need for modest sexual behavior. A cholera vaccine to prevent cholera will do nothing to prevent cholera without us also separating the sewer water from the drinking water and balancing the role of government in managing civil services.[i] Use of antibiotics to kill streptococcal bacteria does nothing to help the individual create a healthy relationship with this naturally occurring bacteria.

The use of homeopathy in the treatment and prevention of infectious disease (Homeoprophylaxis) must be in alignment with understanding the purpose of disease. We must inquire which survival processes in that individual is being called into action to reconcile the disease process. To treat epidemics, we must seek to understand what in that group of individuals needs modulation and how that particular infectious agent is activating a necessary and relative survival mechanism (Genus Epidemicus).

About the Author: Kate Birch is a homeopath, international teacher and leading expert around the world, in the treatment of infectious disease with homeopathy and the recovery from vaccine injury with homeopathy. She authored Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy. She Co-Authored The Solution~ Homeoprophyalxis: The Vaccine Alternative and is the co-founder of Free and Healthy Children international. Her life’s work has been about the study of infectious disease, the dangers of vaccines and what homeopathy has to offer for the health of mankind.

[i]. Birch, Kate. Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy. Cholera. 2nd Edition. Germany: Narayana, 2010.

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