Homeoprophylaxis Is Not Vaccination!

Homeoprophylaxis is a method by which an infectious agent in homeopathic dilution is HPVAXadministered to elicit an immune response. Our immune systems are pre-programmed to make specific responses, depending on the kind of infectious agent.

Whooping cough is cleared from the body through thick mucus that is excreted during a cough. Measles gets eliminated from the body via the process of a fever and eruption. Chickenpox requires a fever and pustular eruption. For each acute infectious contagious disease the elimination process is different. The risk of contracting the actual disease is that the elimination process can be too violent. If the fever goes too high it can induce cerebral inflammation, or if the cough has too much mucus the child can suffocate. It is because of the risks of these diseases we want to prevent them.

The theory of vaccination is to introduce a disease agent so that the immune system can process the attenuated form of the disease and learn from the process. Hopefully the immune system will have learned sufficiently without damage. The truth is, too many diseases are given at once with the vaccination method. The response to vaccines can be too violent, causing too high fevers, brain inflammation, systemic allergic responses and more. This is because there is too much information for the body to process and the body over-reacts. These symptoms are often then treated with suppressive medication. The result is immune system confusion, where the immune system does not know how to get sick and how to recover.

The response elicited by a homeopathic nosode establishes the same process of learning for the immune system that a natural disease would. However, the immune system response to an HP nosode will always be mild and short-lived, and leave no permanent damage, only learning. This is because of the homeopathic dilution method.

Some say that homeopathic dilution renders a product that has nothing in it. Some say that the dilution is a blank and if you do not vaccinate, your child will get the disease. They think it is not possible to prevent disease with energetic doses.

However, what we know is that children are responding to the nosodes. They are getting immunological responses which are mild because of the dilution of the nosode. The preparation of homeopathic nosodes has perfected what the drug companies have been trying to do with vaccines through their attenuation method, but can’t because they are still working in the physical realm.

The energetic memory of the disease remains no matter how much the nosode has been diluted. If the immune system makes a sufficient response to the nosode, we can say that the child’s immune system has learned about that disease process. The elimination process that gets set up from this stimulation gets stored in the immune system’s memory; so that when the child gets exposed to the real infectious agent the immune system knows what to do, how to respond and how to effectively develop true immunity to it. With HP you might still contract the disease, but your immune system will be well prepared.

#Health Canada has just issued a statement that all labels of #nosodes must iterate that they are not #alternatives to vaccines and not to replace vaccines. Truth is, homeoprophylaxis is not vaccination, it is better than vaccines because nosodes do not have all the toxic ingredients and immune system modulators that vaccines have. They are given one at a time, taken orally, and are the pure disease agent in an energetic form.

Homeopathic nosodes are not manufactured by pharmaceutical companies that lie about the efficacy, deny their dangers, and take no culpability for what happens to your child after they have been injected. There is no economic capitalism established within the administration of homeoprophylaxis like there is with vaccines. The program is overseen by HP Supervisors who can help you learn about how your child’s immune system is working based on the kind of responses they are getting with the HP program. This is much different than a doctor who may tell you that the fever that came two weeks after the vaccine and was accompanied by your child no longer looking you in the eye has nothing to do with the vaccines. This is brain inflammation. If your doctor cannot recognize it, for sure an HP Supervisor will. This side effect of the vaccine is the desired effect of a poorly designed contraption which teaches immune systems how to make a mangled immunological response. This is the risk of vaccines. There is no immune system learning with this method.

We know homeoprophylaxis is not vaccination, nor is it a substitute; HP is not masquerading around telling you it is a vaccine.

No FHCi HP Supervisor will tell you HP is Homeopathic Vaccination. No HP Supervisor will tell you that HP is a replacement for vaccines, or acts in the same way that vaccines do, rather that it teaches the immune system how to respond if a person comes in contact with one of the diseases in the HP Program. They will not lie to you when your child has an immune system response to the nosode. With HP you know what you are getting: energetic frequency of disease and immunological learning for your child, and nothing else.

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1 Response to Homeoprophylaxis Is Not Vaccination!

  1. Thank you for a safe & truthful alternative! Our oldest son, Keith, is no longer with us due to a lifetime of compromised immunity caused by traditional vaccinations. Now our grandson has alternative protection that is safe & effective!

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