Is HP Recognized by the State?

Hello! As the champions of #Homeoprophylaxis (HP) and promotion of #Vaccine Choice options, FHCi feels that every individual  StartingOverAfterDivorcehas the power to create the life they want to live.

When parents ask: Does HP count for vaccination in the eyes of the State? We ask the bigger question: What kind of life are you willing to give your children? Are we willing to accept the State laws that tell us what we have to do at the risk of damaging our children’s immune systems? Or, do we want to live our lives in accordance with our own conscience and work towards making sure the laws we live under, in a democracy, reflect this belief.

Years ago there were no laws that allowed alternative healthcare practitioners to practice. Now we have Health Freedom laws in several states around the country. This is because people kept working toward the world they want to live in. Now it seems illogical looking back to the time that healers could not practice and you would not have access to them.

There was a time healers were burned at the stake! My how far we have come!

The time is now to create the world we want to live in. The more parents who opt for HP, the more clout we have. The more who say no to vaccines, the healthier our children will be. The more people that opt for HP, the more recognition parents get for being responsible to society and taking care of their kids in a way that seems right to them.

Society changes, based upon the impetus of the individual and the degree to which the individual is limited by the pressures of society. Epidemic disease is based on the unadaptability of the population to modify its trajectory.

We currently have an epidemic of children with asthma, allergies, behavioral disturbances, developmental delays and autism. We are the ones who are in charge. The more power we give to others, the more of a victim we will be. We are the only ones who can change this trajectory, and we have to change it if we want to ensure our survival. Our passivity is what limits us.

Carl Jung said: ‘Rather than being sufferers of our time, we are the creators of our epoch.’ The question is: what kind of a future do you want for your children? And how many people, laws, or vaccines are you going to let deny them of that future? Start there, and then we can see about getting States to recognize HP as a viable option for educating your child’s immune system towards infectious disease.

Find an HP Supervisor in your area and Start HP today.

FUND HP for our future

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The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis:The Vaccine Alternative. We are homeopaths who specialize in the homeopathic treatment of infectious contagious disease, vaccine injury and homeoprophylaxis. Visit us at
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4 Responses to Is HP Recognized by the State?

  1. Shela says:

    Heard about HP through a podcast commercial on Wise Traditions. I’ve been around and around your website and can’t find any HP Supervisors listed for California it just keeps bringing me back to the same info. Are there HP Supervisors in CA specifically the San Francisco-Bay Area? Also there seems to be no definitive answer as to whether the HP is an accepted vaccination under CA mandates. Please help. I’m trying to help my grandchild. Thank you.

  2. Judith says:

    Where can I find a Dr that can provide me an exemption for HP in Los Angeles area?

  3. TheSolution_HP says:

    We are working on creating a list. For right now I would look to the California homeopathic medical.society

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