Infectious disease: A moment of truth

This world. The inner and outer. The strength of the immune system in relation to an phoenixinfectious agent. Is disease something to be feared, or rather, stepped into, so as to reconcile our inner disparages?

What is true in the vaccine paradigm? Like a digestive process we must sort out what is real and what is false. What should be absorbed and what eliminated. It is not from the outside that we are to be forced into an understanding, but rather from the inside we must forge towards an understanding that sits within our own understanding of survival. Resolution comes from our own intelligence about the world we live in.

In the healthy body, when we meet with an infectious principle, when we meet with an outside idea, when the human immune system works within the wisdom that was bestowed upon it via our birth, we mount an immune system reaction that is designed to differentiate self from non-self. During the prodrome of this process we begin to sort and localize what we are up against. We mount an inflammatory response which is designed to initiate a purgative process. Macrophages, like scavengers in the dark, corral the infectious principle, engulf it and process it for elimination.

The ability for the body to mount this fever and discharge is in direct relation to our ability to find truth in who we are. This febrile process engages our survival mechanism: who are we and what are we made of?  Can we exist on this planet in the face of the potential threats from the outside? How much help do we need? This is the mechanism of survival of the fittest. Those that cannot mount the appropriate inflammatory response will fall. The truth about who you are will be known. The truth about the virility of the infectious agent will be verified. That which no longer serves the health of our body will be eliminated.

We discharge through vomiting, diarrhea, pus and sweat. Contrivances of wishful thinking and pollution in our body degrade our existence on the planet. They must be eliminated and transformed. Like the phoenix that rises out of the ashes of the fire, with fevers and sweats we are reborn.

What happens when our immune system cannot discern what is foreign? When our intellect cannot tell truth from lies? Or when what it thinks is foreign is actually a part of itself? What happens when the immune system is polluted with misinformation about how to effectively respond to foreign agents? What we see is a society of false ideas, bodies stuck in auto-immune processes. We start fighting against each other. We do not have the perspective to differentiate.

When collectively we are exposed to an infectious agent, true herd immunity arises. However it is up to us individually to reconcile our relationship with it. As a society we are in the collective process of reconciling the truth and myths about vaccines, measles, the process of developing immunity and the sovereignty of our individual right to determine truth for ourselves. The rest must be discharged through the appropriate vents and forgotten.

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