Is the Flu Vaccine Causing More Illness?

Recent influenza has been unbelievably rampant. While we know that 80% of what looks like the flu is actually diagnosed as ILI (influenza-like illness) we have also had many confirmed cases of influenza A circulating. So we are seeing both – influenza A and ILI’s.

The CDC has informed us that the chosen flu strain for the vaccine was incorrect this year, so it’s important for you to understand what is occurring……

The study cited below shows us that when a flu vaccine is given, specific immunity to that particular strain is enhanced.  In other words you have an approximate 40-60% chance of having increased protection against that particular flu strain in the vaccine.  Nothing else.

The important word is “specific.” Specific immunity is not general immunity. In fact, the study shows us that general immunity is actually compromised as a result of this increased specific immunity. What this means is that people become more susceptible to influenza-like illnesses, pink eye, strep, and other viruses not in the flu vaccine! (1) This is a perfect example of skewed immunity.

We also know that molecules from the flu vaccine are shed after receiving the vaccine. These molecules recombine in the atmosphere and can be shared with anyone who comes in contact with them. (2)

So while marketing would have you think you need flu vaccines to keep you healthy, quite the opposite is true! General immunity is compromised and you are also more susceptible to new and improved circulating viruses!

1. Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases

Clinical Infectious Diseases 2012;54(12):1778–83

“Increased risk of non-influenza respiratory virus infections associated with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine”


2. Baron S, Fons M, Albrecht T. Viral Pathogenesis.

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University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston 1996.


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