What if we dilute the infectious principle?

When Louis Pasteur was studying rabies, and attempting to make a rabies vaccine in the midrabies 1800’s, he was perplexed by this conundrum: after being  injected with the blood from an actively rabid dog’s blood the subject dogs all died. At the same time, Edward Jenner was studying smallpox in England. He had observed that those who had previously contracted cowpox (a disease very similar to small pox) were immune to small pox.

This idea of using the disease that was incubated in another living species to weaken or ‘attenuate’ the disease seemed brilliant and so Louis Pasteur began his trials with rabies virus incubated in live rabbits. Sure enough, the serum procured from the now dead rabbits was weakened enough so that it was able to produce an immunological response in dogs but not strong enough to kill them. And thus, out of this study, the practice of attenuating viruses on animal host mediums for the production of vaccines began.

To date, vaccines have been incubated on host mediums such as monkey kidneys (Kinrix), pigs intestines (Rotatech), rabbits blood (MMR till 1998, after which it was human diploid cells, AKA: aborted fetal tissue), calf serum (Pediarix), egg (Influenza), etc. The problem with this method of attenuation is that, firstly you need to kill the host to procure the viral activated serum, and secondly  the animal/host DNA combines with the viral DNA which remains in the vaccine. The problem with human aborted fetal cells is that now you have the disease antigen mixed with human DNA, and when these are both mixed with the vaccine adjuvants (used to force allergic antibody action) the resultant effect is that the immune system starts to produce an allergic response to all human DNA. This results in autoimmune conditions.

We know these side-effects were not the desired effects of the vaccine paradigm. But these effects are real. Children who have been vaccinated suffer from a variety of allergic problems due to the added ingredients in the vaccine and the adjuvants instructing their immune systems to produce an allergic response.

What few people know is that homeopaths were also working with rabies and small pox in the 1800’s and they had the brilliant idea to attenuate through the homeopathic dilution method. The first homeopathic nosode made was Hydrophobinum, that of the saliva of a rabid dog procured from Louis Pasteur’s dogs. This nosode, too, demonstrated remarkable ability to protect against rabies. Since that time nosodes have been made from nearly every disease and pathogen and are now a part of the homeopathic pharmacopeia.

The homeopathic attenuation method solves the problem of virulence of the viral or bacterial strain while still capturing the energetic quality of the disease entity. Accordingly, when taken orally, as with a homeopathic remedy, this is able to produce a mild immunological response so as to educate the immune system without the cross contamination that can be found in vaccines, and without the risk of stimulating auto-immune disease.

The added benefit of the homeopathic attenuation method is there is no need for preservatives, antibiotics or other immune-modulators as the energetic component of the disease is sufficient to do all the work necessary to stimulate immunity. This is what we are doing with Homeoprophylaxis.

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