HP in Real Time: A Typical Day in the Homeopathy Clinic

In homeopathic practice we begin to see things in a different light when it comes to disease, disease prevention and how the immune system works. The following notes are from a clinic day in my homeopathic office. These are real stories and demonstrate the real issues when it comes to legal issues, children and fevers, the ‘science’ of vaccination and antibiotics in real life, how vaccines effect the immune system and how homeopathy can balance vaccine damage and offer another option to the vaccine paradigm. The cow will make sense when you get to the end of the article.

  • I got an email this morning from a mom who lives in Texas. She wants to calfdo homeoprophylaxis (HP) for her two boys but was wondering if her Private Catholic school would accept the HP instead of vaccines and would HP produce titers sufficient to be accepted as immunity: The doctor would not write a medical exemption for vaccines as he did not see there being any medical condition that would preclude them. The school said if she did not vaccinate they would have to leave the school. I explained that HP did not satisfy state requirements or school requirements and that HP does not always produce titers even though it lessens susceptibility to disease.
  • The mom of my 11:00am new patient appointment with a 9 year old autistic girl with excessive violence problems called to reschedule as the she believes the child has PANDAS.  They wanted to address the PANDAS with antibiotics. I explained that homeopathy can help with not only the autism but also the PANDAS.  More often than not the PANDAS are a result of too many antibiotics given for ear infections that are a direct result of the vaccines. In my mind I am not sure how more antibiotics are going to help.
  • A mother called about her two and a half year old son who had been having a fever on and off for the last three days: This mother was new to homeopathy when her daughter got a full body skin rash from her first DTaP vaccine. After Clearing the DTaP vaccine with the CEASE protocol in homeopathy the skin rash completely resolved.  We had also been working on clearing the Pediarix vaccine from her son. He had behavioral issues, was not talking, and seemed to be having a variety of symptoms that looked like developmental delays. With every vaccine he had been given she was instructed to give Tylenol so that he wouldn’t get a fever. I had explained that in order for the vaccine to do what it is intended to do, ie: to stimulate immunity, the child needed to get a fever. The reason her child was suffering from the developmental delays was that because the fevers had always been suppressed. In these last two months with the CEASE clearing of the Pediarix vaccine he had been developing fevers and discharges and now his behavior is normalizing. He is speaking more and his development seems to be returning to normal.  This fever today was a random fever not relating to any clearing protocol. She said this is the first natural fever he has had that she has not given Tylenol for. Based on the symptoms I suggested Gelsemium and to call back in a few hours. My expectation was that he should sleep, the fever would go up, and he would sweat. When he wakes the fever should be gone.
  • I got a call from a long-time patient whose neighbor got a flu shot three weeks ago and is now in the hospital with Guillain–Barré Syndrome: The symptoms started shortly after the vaccine with weakness and paralysis of lower limbs but progressed quickly to full body paralysis with an emergency tracheotomy as he was suffocating. During the surgery they accidentally cut his vocal cords so now he can’t speak. She wondered if homeopathy could help? I said yes; we would need to address why his immune system is attacking his nerves.
  • Later, while registering a new family for the HP program for their second child I had a long discussion with the mom about how to talk with the nurse mother-in law about not vaccinating: This mom had initially come to me for help with their three year old who, after the Pediarix vaccine started to develop OCD type behaviors subsequent to the second round of antibiotics given to address the recurrent double ear infections she had develooped. The mother was remarking that since we had initiated the CEASE Clearing protocol with the Pediarix vaccine nosode and the remedy Carcinosin, and after developing fevers and sweat during this clearing process, her child had stopped screaming and throwing tantrums, had begun to talk and toilet train, and no longer screamed in the bath. It was after these improvements and a new understanding of how her child’s immune system had been struggling with the vaccines that she and her husband decided that they did not want to vaccinate their newborn. During our conversation, as I was explaining that HP nosodes are just the pure disease energy without any other ingredients like bovine casein, pig’s intestines or human diploid cells (aborted fetal tissue), she stopped me and said she started to feel really sick. I asked why? She said it was because her brother-in-law, who developed the Hib vaccine, was over just recently getting more cows blood from their dairy cows for his vaccine lab. She was becoming sick at the realization of her small little part in the production of vaccines, that in turn were being injected into millions of children who in turn could end up with developmental delays and more. She was sick to her stomach at the implication of it all – this mad-scientist method of disease prevention we have indoctrinated everyone into believing is truth.
  • My day ended with the mother of the boy with the fever calling back saying that yes he had been sleeping all afternoon: She had given all three doses. The fever had gone up as expected and now he was really sweaty. He woke up happy. Was there anything more she should do?  I said the fever is passing, his immune system is doing what it needs to do.

How was your day?

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