What are the long term effects of conventional vaccines?

Consider the first few months of your tiny baby’s life: They are so small, new to the world and just learning how to nurse.

If you, as the parent, choose to vaccinate your tiny baby they are then injected with 8 doses of disease during the first two months of their fragile life.

Does it seem reasonable that an infant’s immune system, which is a delicate, complex system of interconnected functions, could reconcile 8 different diseases at one time?

Giving all of these shots is like trying to teach calculus to a first grader! Unreasonable.

For the first year of life Thirty six doses are recommended. Yes, you read that right thirty-six doses of disease.

What is the benefit of so many shots and are there risks for immune systems that are just beginning to develop?

We all want to protect our children from disease. After all, that was the original goal of vaccines. If the goal is to give a dose of the disease, how can we stay true to this vision without harming our children?

This tiny dose of the disease is intended to initiate immunity. But over time more and more chemicals have been added to vaccines to artificially suppress and stimulate aspects of the immune system. In the last twenty years vaccine recommendations have sky-rocketed to 36 doses of 16 diseases in the first year of life and 72 doses by age 18!

Now, you tell us – How can we expect for a child’s immune system to function properly with so much artificial stimulation?

Current studies reveal tremendous increases in chronic illness such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancers and developmental disorders amongst children. What’s the solution?

Homeoprophylaxis (HP) has been around for over 200 years. It’s been successfully studied in groups as large as 2.5 million people, with outstanding results!   HP protects children from infectious contagious disease, but also promotes greater health in children based on long-term studies.  Because HP works with the immune system’s natural development, children using HP suffer from fewer ear infections, asthma, colds and chronic illnesses.

So, what seems more natural? Injecting your two-month-old with a disease that has already been laced with chemicals, or allowing their immune system to develop through the mild immunological stimulation of HP which serves to strengthen the system?

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The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis:The Vaccine Alternative. We are homeopaths who specialize in the homeopathic treatment of infectious contagious disease, vaccine injury and homeoprophylaxis. Visit us at hpsolution.me
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2 Responses to What are the long term effects of conventional vaccines?

  1. Laura says:

    Can you please tell me if any of the nosodes are made from cultures that have replicated cells of aborted fetuses?
    Alot of the vaccines are started in cultures that have replicated cells of aborted fetuses. Some medical information says that tissue of the aborted baby is better and safer to use rather than animal tissue for vaccines.
    I was recently told as well that nosodes also are started in culture that has replicated cells of aborted tissue. The difference with the vaccines and nosodes is only that the nosodes don’t have the adjuvants like formaldehyde or mercury etc.
    Can you let me know if there are any nosodes (and which ones they are) that are not made in culture that has replicated cells of aborted fetuses?

    • TheSolution_HP says:

      Hello There are no nosodes that are ever made on aborted fetuses. Nor are they incubated on any animal or other cell line culture. Only vaccines came up with that weird practice. For vaccines what it ends up doing is making the immune system react immunologically to human DNA, ie making autoimmune condtitions.
      Nosodes are made from pure culture of the pathogen, of from the discharge of someone sick with the virus. it from the pox of chicken pox, or the kopik spots of measles etc. Then for this pure culture it is potentized via homeopathic potentization, i.e diluted and succuessed 200 times. The benefits of nosode derived from live disease is not only to you get the information of the actual disease, but you also get information about how the immune system is supposed to react to the disease in question. There are no preservatives, aluminum, aborted fetuses anti-boiotics, Pig DNA or mouse serum or any of the other things that are in vaccines. for a full write up on the preparation fo homeopathic remedies please go here: http://apps.who.int/medicinedocs/documents/s16769e/s16769e.pdf

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