C. Homeopathy, Vaccine Injury and Infectious Disease Course

vaccine-freeFree and Healthy Children International is happy to endorse this online course. Taught by Kate Birch.

This is a prerequisite to becoming an FHCi HP Supervisor if you do not have 500 hour Homeopathy course.

If you are building your hours to meet 125 please do mommy homeopathy course first before this course

This course is an advance level homeopathy course.

Brief Outline:

Homeopathic Philosophy:

  • Understanding Vaccinosis
  • Homeopathic prophylaxis
  • Genus Epidemicus
  • The Immune System
  • Vaccine Injury
  • Cases Studies
  • Therapeutics:

Diseases covered: Exanthematic diseases, Diseases affecting the nervous system, Tropical diseases, Glandular diseases and diseases of the lung

Online 12 hour advanced class  for Practitioners, $185 fee. 

Once registered the course will be sent to you in receipt. After submitting final exam, certificate of hours will be mailed. 

CHC CEU Deadline is Nov 31.,

Nash Deadline is Dec 31.

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