Amma Resonance Healing Foundation

Amma Resonance Healing Foundation


The Amma Resonance Healing Foundation (ARHF) is a non-profit organization based in The Netherlands. The prime targets of the ARHF are the treatment and prevention of epidemics (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB etc) and the relieve of collective trauma due to genocide, war, rape, natural catastrophes, etc. The focus of its activities is primarily on countries in Africa. Epidemics and collective trauma in these countries still determine the lives of millions of people, while medical aid is often scarce or not available at all. If aid is available it can be accompanied with side-effects or complicated by increasing therapy-resistance, disadvantages that the completely safe and effective PC Resonances used by ARHF do not have. The highly effective Africa Malaria Prevention Project (AMPP) aims at making malaria prevention available to children in sub-Saharan Africa, and does so for only 10 cents per child per year. Please consider donating to ARHF to support our work.

For videos on the effectiveness of programs for HIV/AIDS, malaria and trauma see:

 By donating here through the FHCi website you will receive a receipt for a tax deductible donation to ARHF. 90% of funds donated will go to ARHF as per the partnership agreement between FHCi and ARHF.

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