Overview of Research into the Effectiveness of Homeoprophylaxis

As homeoprophylaxis (HP) has limited exposure to the general public, more data is needed to demonstrate its efficacy. All participants in the HP program as delineated on this website will be participating in this research project. As the HP program takes 44 months to complete, careful monitoring of participants over several years is necessary. Data will be gathered from participants in the program for ten years and documented.

We are looking to not only demonstrate the efficacy of homeoprophylaxis for disease prevention, but also to assess the relative health of the individuals undertaking the program compared to children who are either vaccinated or have not received any infectious contagious disease prevention. All participants undertaking the program are monitored for various factors.

Parameters of concern:

  • Ability to participate in a self administered program
  • Efficacy of infectious contagious disease prevention/exposure rate
  • Effect on the relative health of the child in five categories:
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Skin conditions
  • Ear, nose and throat conditions
  • Developmental and behavioral conditions; ADD, Autism, etc.

Research will also determine various other factors including:

  • Educational status of the participating family
  • Economic status of the participating family
  • Lifestyle choices such as food preferences, television allotment, public or private school attendance

This data will serve to profile the individuals that have proactively sought out alternative forms of disease prevention, not only for the health of their children but also as they have chosen to be responsible to public health concerns through a different methodology of disease prevention, i.e. not vaccination. Some people falsely believe that those individuals who do not vaccinate may be contributing to increased incidence of infectious contagious disease and are putting others at greater risk of disease.

If homeoprophylaxis can be demonstrated to not only reduce the incidence of infectious contagious disease,  reduce the incidence of other conditions (as above) which are currently related to vaccine injury, and to overall support of the health of the participant, maybe then the use of homeoprophylaxis in public health campaigns, as an alternative to vaccines, will be implemented. (See other research.)