Homeoprophylaxis Study 2014

FHCi is overseeing research into the effectiveness of Homeoprophylaxis. FHCI has registered children from April 2009 till Dec 2014 for participation in this study. These children will then be followed through the 44 month HP Program as outlined here. All children in the study will have completed the program by the end of 2018 where upon our data will be analyzed.

We have over 600 children who enrolled in the program as delineated on our website here.

Parameter of the study are as follows;

Hypothesis one: By giving a homeopathic nosode in coordinated dosing schedules you stimulate the immune system to create and immune response to that specific disease. With sufficient stimulation and sufficient immune response immunity has developed.

Hypothesis two: Parents can give a self administered infectious disease prevention protocol.

Hypothesis three: With appropriate immunological stimulation the immune system will know how to work and the process of engaging in acute disease  in the diluted doe of a Homeopathic nosodes actually strengthens the immune system and reduces other chronic states of disease.

Hypothesis four: As HP is non-toxic and only contains the energetic aspect of the particular infectious disease it will not create the same immunological dys-regulations vaccines do. We will be looking at Allergies, Asthma, ear nose and throat conditions, Eczema, and developmental delays as compared to these rates in vaccinated children.

Hypothesis five: By participation in a HP program like this the overall health of the child is increased and the annual medical costs for the child will go down.


Learn more about the parameters of the research here.

Funding for research is through grants and private contributions.