Single disease or full HP Program Family Membership registration

If you are interested in registering with one of our HP Supervisors for a custom single disease or multiple disease homeoprophylaxis protocol please follow these steps.

Note: We are a Private Membership Association

Use of this directory for any reason other than actively pursuing HP for the betterment of your health or the health of your children is strictly prohibited. You are voluntarily entering into this agreement of your own free will for yourself and/or on behalf of your dependents without any pressure or promise of cure of disease or disease prevention.  You affirm that you do not represent any State or Federal agency or any media outlet whose purpose is to regulate and approve products, twist public opinion via misrepresentation, or to carry out any mission of entrapment or investigation.

  1. Select your HP supervisor. Look in directory here
  2. Become a member of FHCi and donate to the umbrellas that provides access to HP. Minimum donation $35: Sign up here with your selected HP Supervisor. Family Membership Agreement
  3. Complete initial health profile to review existing health conditions. Initial health profile and registration form. Include your selected HP Supervisor on this form (they will receive a copy of this form and expect an appointment booking from you) Note: if your HP supervisor determines that you are in need of constitutional work in homeopathy to get your immune system functioning well before embarking on HP. You need a healthy immune system to use HP for immune education/
  4. Book an appointment with your HP Supervisor. A single appointment can be used to enroll an entire family for a single disease prevention program or for the full HP Program for your children. Contact your HP Supervisor for their fee schedule.

Thank you for choosing FHCi and supporting our mission towards Research, Education and access to Homeoprophylaxis.