Public Lecture on Homeoprophylaxis. June 11. Teddington. UK

HP educating your childs immune systemPublic Lecture on Homeoprophylaxis and Educating your Child’s Developing Immune System

For parents and medical professionals

When: 7-9 pm. Doors open 6:30 pm

Please Register by June 8th

Location:  Normansfield Theatre. Teddington. Langdon Down Centre, 2a Langdon Park, Teddington TW11 9PS, UK. Nearest station: Hampton Wick, Southern Rail.

Fee: £15,  spouse or partner is free

What is homeopathy and how to protect your children’s immune systems from vaccine damage?

Presented by Kate Birch, RSHom(NA), CCH an Internationally respected teacher and author on infectious disease and environmental toxicity. Sponsored by Free and Healthy Children International.

Why this lecture now?

Given the alarming rate of environmental toxins, mandatory vaccines and contaminated food sources the health of humanity is at risk. The number of children with neurological deficits, immunological deficits and developmental delays is increasing exponentially. Unless we do something to change the trajectory the sustainability of the human population is at risk.

Starting with the foundation in classical homeopathy and its approach to infectious disease we will explore the use of homeopathy to address conditions arising from vaccinations and Glyphosate toxicity.

What are we doing with children’s health?  Come and find out.

  • How does the immune system work?
  • What is infectious disease?
  • How vaccines damage the immune system?
  • What can be done to help children’s immune systems?
  • What is homeopathy and homeoprophylaxis?

For Info contact: Melissa Wakeling 07531 797929

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