Florida HP Supervisors

If you are looking for an HP Supervisor please click on the name of the person on any of the listings we have here. If there are no HP Supervisors in your state or your city you will need to work long distance. (Please note: Comments about looking for an HP Supervisor in your local area are not moderated by the web moderator.)

Use of this directory for any reason other than actively pursuing HP for the betterment of the health of your children is strictly prohibited. You are voluntarily entering into this agreement of your own free will on behalf of your dependents without any pressure or promise of cure or disease prevention.  You affirm that you do not represent any State or Federal agency or any media outlet whose purpose is to regulate and approve products, twist public opinion via misrepresentation or to carry out any mission of entrapment or investigation.

Thank you, FHCi.

Ruth Pearson Smith C.HP, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Pamela Swanson RN, CCH, RSHom(NA), Orlando, FL

4 Responses to Florida HP Supervisors

  1. Can an MD join the program? If we missed Part one can we register and attend part 2 and do the required reading before hand? We were going to go with an international supplier, but it became too complicated and then we found this site and program.

    • TheSolution_HP says:

      Hello, We offer the training to those individuals with at least 125 hours of homeopathic education.
      The requirements are listed under the certification tab. Currently the June class is full. We will be offering another in Oct. maybe one will be added for Sept.

  2. mountianmama says:

    Hi! My question is, what countries accept HP Certificate for entry into their country? I know the U.K. requires a vaccines but do they also accept this certificate in place of the vaccines?

    • TheSolution_HP says:

      It this time there is no legal recognition of homeoprophylaxis in any state, province our country. In time we hope to change this.

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