New York HP Supervisors

If you are looking for an HP Supervisor please click on the name of the person on any of the listings we have here. If there are no HP Supervisors in your state or your city you will need to work long distance. (Please note: Comments about looking for an HP Supervisor in your local area are not moderated by the web moderator.)

Thank you, FHCi.

Lise Battaglia CCH, RSHom(NA), HMC New York, NY (Also Ormond Beach, FL)

Jennette Cable CCH, RSHom(NA) New York, NY (Also Milwaukee, WI)

Tania Dilmani CHom, CT Long Island; Brooklyn, NY (Also Hollywood, FL and Los Angeles; Orange County, CA)

Jiuan Heng PhD, CCH, RSHom(NA), (Travel HP also) Great Neck; New York, NY

Sonam Kushner, CCH, RSHom (NA), Huntington; New York, NY