Access to HP Supervisors M-Z

If you are looking for an HP Supervisor please click on the name of the person on any of the listings we have here. If there are no HP Supervisors in your state or your city you will need to work long distance. Comments about looking for an HP Supervisor in your local area are not moderated by the web moderator.

Thank you, FHCi.






New Jersey

New York

North Carolina







8 Responses to Access to HP Supervisors M-Z

  1. Twyla Zorba says:

    are there any naturopathic doctors near my hometown of Perry,Oklahoma, area Code 73077

    • TheSolution_HP says:

      Hi Sorry I don’t believe so but you can work long distance with someone in the same state or next state.

  2. where is north carolina on the list?

  3. Maria Popma says:

    I do not see Oregon on the list – how might I go about setting up a long distance supervisor?

    Thank you!

    • TheSolution_HP says:

      HI yes we need some homeopaths in Oregon to become supervisors.In the mean time you can work long distance. Perhaps with someone from California. The program is intended to be self administered under the supervision of a trained practitioner. They would be there to manage any situations regrading remedy reactions that are prolonged. This work can be consulted over the phone for. Once you make contact they will help you get set up with the program. Good luck.

  4. Jennifer Scott says:

    It says that there is currently no supervisor in North Carolina. Can you tell me who I can contact to set up a program for my kids? Thanks.

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