England, UK HP Supervisors

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NOTE: The listing below includes practitioners in the UK who have undertaken a formal training program in homeoprophylaxis.

In order to practice Homeoprophylaxis ethically within the UK they are adhering to the Society of Homeopaths formal code of ethics for the use of homeoprophylaxis: SOH-Clinical-Guidelines-07_03_12

Fees for HP in the UK:

One-time fee (for up to 4 children) in the same family at time of registration £355, 325 € or £255, 225 € one child, plus £100, 100 € for all other additional children
Booklet per child $13.20, £ 10.80, 12,30 €
HP Kit (for more than 4 Children you need a second kit) $88
Shipping $49.50 depending
  • Kit contains enough pellets for 4 children
  • Published copy of HP Programme UK booklet
  • Initial meeting with SP
  • Access to SP for duration of programme for questions related to HP programme

HP Supervisors

Sandra Germay BSc (Hons), LCHE, RHom, MARH, London

Sally Tamplin MARH, C.HP

Melissa Wakeling DIHom, MARH, RHom, Teddington