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Use of this directory for any reason other than actively pursuing HP for the betterment of the health of yourself or children is strictly prohibited. By approaching a supervisor you affirm that you are voluntarily entering into this membership agreement on behalf of yourself or dependents without any pressure or promise of cure of disease or disease prevention. You affirm that you do not represent any State or Federal agency whose purpose is to regulate and approve products. You affirm that you do not belong to any media outlet and will not misrepresent any information regarding homeopathy or homeoprophylaxis. You affirm that you will not carry out any mission of entrapment or investigation.

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NOTE: The listing below includes practitioners in the UK who have undertaken a formal training program in homeoprophylaxis.

In order to practice Homeoprophylaxis ethically within the UK they are adhering to the Society of Homeopaths formal code of ethics for the use of homeoprophylaxis: SOH-Clinical-Guidelines-07_03_12

HP Supervisors

Melissa Wakeling DIHom, MARH, RHom, C.HPx, Teddington

Stephanie Thullen, R.Hom.Int., CHPx, Hereford