Homeopathy, Vaccine Injury and Infectious Disease Course

vaccine-free Free and Healthy Children International is happy to endorse this online course. Taught by Kate Birch.

Brief Outline:

Homeopathic Philosophy:

  • Understanding Vaccinosis
  • Homeopathic prophylaxis
  • Genus Epidemicus
  • The Immune System
  • Vaccine Injury
  • Cases Studies
  • Therapeutics:

Diseases covered: Exanthematic diseases, Diseases affecting the nervous system, Tropical diseases, Glandular diseases and diseases of the lung

Online 12 hour advanced class  for Practitioners, $300 fee.  Once registered the course will be sent to you via email. After submitting final exam certificate of hours will be mailed. 

50% off until Oct 15.

CHC CEU Deadline is Nov 31. 2018, Nash Deadline is Dec 31. 2018