FHCi Associate Supervisor Training Registration

Entry requirements: Practitioners with at least 125 hours of Homeopathic education

Register here for our 2.75 hour recorded Associate Supervisor Training: Registration Form

  • Become educated with the homeopathic tools to treat existing infectious disease outbreaks.
  • Have access to clinical supervision for those families you support.
  • Access to FHCi’s online Single Disease Registration Platform.
  • Access to proving information of the nosode for the current epidemic.
  • Access to providing online FHCi Certificate of Prophylaxis.
  • How does vaccine shedding effect things

Please watch our research videos here prior to training. Start with Part One. Parts Two and Three are linked on that page.

This 2.75-hour online class covers:

  1. Introduction to FHCi and our platforms
  2. Philosophy of Homeoprophylaxis (HP)
  3. Language parameters within the paradigm
  4. Legal issues and access to remedies
  5. Practical application of HP. Interface with clients and registration process.
  6. Case management of active cases and remedy responses.


  • One time registration fee: $75 (Discount may apply for special classes).
  • Annual dues to maintain associate membership status: $50

Associate Benefits:

  1. Access to single disease registration portal and clinical support
  2. FHCi membership newsletters
  3. Clinical Supervision for active cases

Register here for our Associate Supervisor training: Register here

To access full FHCi HP supervisor benefits please attend our complete training: Register here for full HP training. next dates TBA in September 2021.

Full Membership Benefits with FHCi as an certified HP Supervisor entitles you to the following:

  • Listing on our Website.
  • Participate in the WhatsApp peer support and discussion group.
  • The benefit of a central organization you can align yourself with.
  • Unlimited access to the HP Kit (nosodes).
  • The Legal Strategy Fund that will be used to protect our ability to do what we are doing.
  • Access to all FHCi documents, Program Booklets, Waiver forms and public lectures.
  • New HP Supervisors receive 3 months free supervision after certification.
  • Periodic free continuing education opportunities or supervision.
  • Be a part of our online discussion groups and platforms for continued support, emerging situations and community support.
  • The ability to participate in future projects with FHCi.